Ironic Parvez Khattak Tells Large Gathering About Govt’s Ban On Large Gatherings

Parvez Khatak Absurd statement

Amid coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, many political parties are making statements along with the ruling party of Imran Khan. In a paradoxical statement, Defence Minister Parvez Khattak said in a political gathering about a ban on political gatherings. Absurdly, how can one ban a thing which he is doing himself?

Moreover, the Defence Minister was addressing a political gathering at Nowshera and also talk about emergency regarding Coronavirus.

Parvez Khatak Absurd statement

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In his speech at a rally in Nowshera, the Defence Minister declared that Pakistan is going towards prosperousness and blossoming. In addition, the former CM KPK also said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is taking considerable measures for the development of the masses.


What does this mean? If you are a lawgiver, would law apply to you? Parvez Khattak would have said the same message on Twitter. However, he chose the other way around. As per the public, the Sindh government has surpassed the federal government in fighting corona.
Moreover, the decision of closing borders with Iran and Afghanistan came too late. Furthermore, almost all the patients of coronavirus in Pakistan had a travel history of Iran. Sadly,  despite knowing the vulnerability of the virus from Iran, the government didn’t close the border on an early basis.
According to few reports,  around 1000 plus pilgrims from Iran have traveled via bus to Pakistan. However, the district government of Balochistan took certain measures to quarantine them. Yet, the perils of corona are looming over Pakistan due to the pilgrims. If the government had taken the decision before along with halting all flights from Iran and the Middle East just like it did with China, Pakistan would not have that many cases of the corona.
Coronavirus: Pakistan Iran border

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Imran Khan on his official Twitter Handle talked about COVID-19

The premier on Twitter wrote, “We are alert”. 

The premier, further asserted that he will address the nation soon on the pandemic of coronavirus.

Although Pakistan is taking measures against the virus, there is still a large ground that needs coverage. The paradoxical statement of the defense minister shows the non-seriousness of the government. Moreover, Parvez Khattak should explain the his absurd statement. As a general rule, one cannot stop the other from doing something, until one oneself is doing that particular thing.



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