Parhlo’s ‘Money Heist 4’ Satire Impresses Humayun Saeed, Goes Viral!

Humayun Saeed Money Heist

In this advanced era of intellect, sometimes it becomes hard for people to distinguish between ‘truth’ and ‘satire’.

While netizens put their faith in the information fed by social media on a daily basis, the virality depends on the quality content produced. Consequently, Pakistan’s favorite actor Humayun Saeed seemed pretty impressed with Parhlo’s latest satirical piece relating himself with the Spanish series ”Money Heist” (La Casa de Papel).

Parhlo’s ”Money Heist” satire feat. Humayun Saeed goes viral!

Moreover, the satire piece gathered a lot of attention from other local publications. All this, before Humayun Saeed stepped in himself. The satirical storyline was built around Humayun Saeed’s alleged appearance in the upcoming season of ”Money Heist”.

Well, Parhlo’s viral ”Money Heist” satire eventually landed in a positive reply from Humayun Saeed on his official Twitter and it sure is time to ‘go easy’.

Check out how Humayun Saeed responded to the satire!

Humayun ‘chilled’ everyone out by reiterating that it’s a ‘SATIRE’. Humayun Saeed wrote that a Pakistani version of ”Money Heist” can be made. While the majority of the public thought it to be true, several leading news outlets also covered the interaction for personal purposes.

However, everybody knows how well Humayun Saeed performed in the eye-ball counter viral-hit ”Mere Paas Tum Ho”. Parhlo’s satire piece connected both “Mere Paas Tum Ho” and “Money Heist”.

Parhlo and Humayun Saeed – a better love story than Humsafar

Sharing Parhlo’s satire, Humayun Saeed cleared the air by saying: “Relax guys this is just SATIRE. [Parhlo] team maybe you need to go a bit easy”. Further, the actor expressed his desire of creating Pakistan’s very own ”Money Heist” initiated with an Insha Allah’.

Particularly, Humayun Saeed wrote, ‘Insha Allah apna Money Heist banayen gay”.

”Baat tou theek hai”!

Certainly, we, at Parhlo, carried on with the viral interaction, appreciating his exceptional acting in ”Meray Paas Tum Ho”. Responsively, Parhlo tweeted, Sir, aap easy aye MPTH mein jo hum ajayen? [Humayun Saeed]. And amen to our own production!”.

Agreeing with us, Humayun Saeed replied, ”Baat tou theek hai..” – and to that, we say, JO BAAT HAI!

Even though Parhlo’s content disclaimers clearly stated that the piece was a satire, the intensification of misrepresentation was present. Labeling satire as fake news; no wonder Pakistan’s media industry tracks-back on its work a little too often.

Very impressive title! (Disclaimer: this is sarcasm)

Humayun Saeed Money Heist

We kinda actually liked what Tribune did, much better. Kudos! 

Humayun Saeed Money Heist

Well done, Bol! 

Humayun Saeed Money Heist

Thank you for the coverage, Images!

Humayun Saeed Money Heist

By the way, did you know there were rumors that Detective Comics (DC) was about to sign Humayun Saeed as the next Batman? Just kidding!

Or are we? 

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