Parents Shamelessly Let Their Newborn Daughter Die Because They Wanted A Son Instead

One of the biggest challenges for our society is eliminating the backwardness in the minds of our people. Medieval times used to have many societal problems which were dealt with different resolutions that overturned them. Parents used to abandon their newborn daughters in medieval times, evident of Arab history when Islam was brought and it prevented people from attempting these barbaric acts.

Source: Quote Addicts

Source: Quote Addicts

But we, who call ourselves Muslims, have not lived up to what our religion teaches us. Apart from religion, we’ve pretty much forgotten the basic etiquettes of humanity. It is humanity that matters, regardless of which religion you follow because the former is a subject that holds immense importance.

In Pakistan, there are increasing numbers of cases where parents highly disregard the birth of a daughter. They prefer sons because the status-quo and the backward mentality believes their sons will be their pride and a source of income in the future, whereas daughters are considered as a burden.

This particular selfishness and draconian mentality have seen many newborn girls put to death before they could see the world around them before they rightfully lived as human beings without anyone having a claim on their lives, and before they assumingly turn out to be prosperous individuals of society.

Source: The Indian Express

Source: The Indian Express

Just recently, a life was taken when a little child was put to a fatal round, the reason being that she was a baby girl born into a family that does not consider daughters as human beings.

A doctor from a private hospital in Hyderabad reported an incident where parents left their daughter to die after refusing to agree on providing ventilation treatment to her.

This is how the matter unfolded (viewer discretion is advised):

A question that must have popped in your head as to why the hospital did not take responsibility of saving the child? Why did they wait for her parents’ permission?

Well, perhaps, it is not permissible by law. Doctors always require an approval of parents and legally can only act according to their consent.


As explained by the doctor himself in the comments section of this post, the child’s parents did not want to spend money on ventilation and asked to hamper the process because they wanted a son.

So, this is where our society stands. The heart is struck with fear and realization that so much work still needs to be done to change the mindsets of our people.

It is extremely appalling and we are sure that the little child left hell and is now in heaven. God help those daughters who continue to face abuse as a consequence of these mindsets.

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