7 Things Parents Should Tell Their Daughters Before Marrying Them Off

Being a parent of a daughter, you have to hear things like “jehez ki tayari kab shuru karenge?”, “beti ko kitna perhaenge? aakhir usne dusre ghar he jana hai”, “kuch saving ker rhay hain ya nae?” all the time. And they patiently endure and answer these questions.

Having these sort of people in their surroundings, parents have become worried about the future of their daughters. This is the reason that they deliver “special lectures” before the marriage. Both, the father and mother, have their own reservations regarding the family of the groom and want their daughter to be prepared for the new relations, responsibilities, and tensions she’ll be having once she becomes part of the new family.

Instead of depicting the ‘khatarnak’ image of saas-bahu relationship, here are few bits of advice they should share with their loving daughters.

1.Nothing Is Going To Change


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The parents should ensure their daughters that there is no such thing like you can’t look back once you’ve left your  “babul ka angan”. It will provide them the sense of security that you’ll be always there for them in their time of need.

2.Respect Your In-Laws


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For every daughter, rukhsati is the most disturbing part of the whole wedding. She has to start a new life among unknown people and to make her position at the same time. With love and respect, everything could be easy. Parents should advise their daughter to start knowing and regarding her in-laws with respect and love.

It will not happen overnight but she can try to understand them and love them as she has loved you. Learn to accept them and create a bond with them.

3.Never Run Away From Difficult Times


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Ups and downs are a part of life. But if you will scare her with all the negative things, she will enter her new home scared and with resistance. Instead of promoting her fears, you should cheer her up with all the possible positivities.

4. Be Patient


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In a marriage, the one who is patient is successful. And understanding new relationships is also a learning process, so be patient throughout the initial time period of this new phase of life.

5. We Are Always There for You


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The support of the parents means a lot to the daughters in every aspect of life. So, never let them feel alone or that they can’t reach out to you. You should assure her that you’ll be always there for her.

6. Never Ignore Your Former Self While Forming New Relationships


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Ensure her that just because shes starting a new relationship, it doesn’t mean she has to neglect herself. She will share her life with her husband but it is important that while she gives her time and attention to everyone else, she doesn’t forget her hobbies and dreams.

7.The First Few Months Would Be Difficult


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Marriage brings changes to your life and it is a time taking process. Every daughter tries new things which she hasn’t done at her home. But with a little samajhdari, any work can be easy.

Parents should consider these points and dear daughters, if your parents are not sharing it with you, read these on your own and spare yourself some stress.

If you have any other pointers for newly wed girls, please comment and let us know!

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