Parents Do The Perfect Thing By Not Allowing Their Daughters To Accomplish Their Dreams

Parents Do The Perfect Thing By Not Allowing Their Daughters To Accomplish Their Dreams

Now that I have the attention of a number of parents who would be happy after coming across the title and a number of furious ambitious women, let me tell you one thing – I feel you.

Our society teaches most of the daughters that we are not allowed to dream because we are girls. Our society does believe that women need to be educated, but then she belongs to the walls of a house where her education will be used to educate the upcoming generation. Stepping away from the life we see on the internet, the majority of the women are not allowed to utilize their education before marriage and are told to continue their dreams IF their husband allows them. In short, women are passed from the validation of one man to another, right?



“Behind Every Successful Woman Is A Father Who Believed In Her” 

The validation of women prevails from one man to another – from a father to her husband. Most of the fathers in our society stop their daughters from dreaming and believe that her husband’s house is the perfect place for her to continue her dreams.

Parents believe that they know the best for us, which is true. They bring us to this world, they provide us with all the necessities of life and what not. They work hard enough to make sure that we have everything in the world. However, does that give them the right to think for us? Does it give them the right to ignore what we aspire and hope to become and live with the depression of not doing what we wanted?

Do Not Tell Your Daughter To Pursue Her Dreams After Her Marriage

Most of the families in our society tell their daughters to continue her dreams after she is married. There is nothing wrong in hoping that a woman would end up with an amazing, supportive husband who would understand what she desires, but what runs in her mind is something that eventually ruins her.

photography by asiya

photography by asiya

Women Start Depending On Another Man And The Cycle (Mostly) Continues

A woman starts depending on another man to provide her with the independence her parents refused to give. She gets her hopes high, she starts dreaming of a perfect life during her relationship or after marriage and believes that “a man or a marriage is all that she needs to get independence.” In short, they either start depending on someone or they set their high hopes on marriage.

the indian express

the Indian express

What our parents don’t realize is how a woman needs to carry another household by herself. She needs to look after another family and then her children as well. What guarantee do our parents have that if, being our parents, they did not have faith in us, how do they expect an unknown family to have the same in us?

If parents allow their daughters to continue their dreams, maybe the family she gets married into, understands it in a much better manner.

There is nothing wrong in having positive expectations from your relationship and marriage. However, parents need to have faith in their daughters and allow them to continue their dreams.





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