Beaconhouse’s Donation To PM Fund Angers Parents Waiting For Fee Relief

Parents Angry Beaconhouse Donates PM

The elite school culture in Pakistan has always been under criticism for its extremely high fee structure which is an issue for many parents. However, it won’t be wrong to say that such educational institutes are just minting money compulsively and there’s no one to keep a check on that.

The coronavirus pandemic has brought out the best in Pakistanis, with Prime Minister’s relief fund getting donations from all across the country. Among others, recently, the Executive Director, Nasir Mahmood Kasuri of the elite Beaconhouse School System also donated Rs 20 million to the fund. However, the news has angered many parents as the school has not been providing any relief to them during these hard times.

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The Beaconhouse School System is one of Pakistan’s leading institutions and usually charges a premium fee. From time to time, parents along with their children are also seen protesting against such schools but no action has been taken ever. Moreover, in the name of quality education, these elite institutes are renowned for making a fortune.

Twitteratis criticize Nasir Kasuri for donating Rs 20 million

As of now, Twitter is full of posts criticizing Nasir Mahmood Kasuri after he tried to play his part in serving humanity through his welfare trust. The viral tweet read, ”The Executive Director of Beaconhouse, Nasir Mahmood Kasuri, whose schools, all across Pakistan have been charging unlawful fees from parents since 2017, have donated Rs.20 million through Mahmood Ali Kasuri trust to the Prime Minister corona relief fund.”

However, the gesture was not appreciated by Pakistanis and the comments clearly showed anger. As per details, the Mahmood Ali Kasuri Trust is working in collaboration with the Akhuwat Foundation and the administrations of Islamabad and Rawalpindi. The motive is to help those who are the most affected during this deadly pandemic.

Exactly! It’s such a shame

That would have been much better

Questioning the motive

That’s a valid point

‘Corona k khilaf jang, Imran ke sang’

Earlier this week,  humanitarian (late) Abdul Sattar Edhi‘s son went through the same. Apparently, Faisal Edhi also made a huge donation to PM’s corona relief fund which created chaos online. People started demanding answers from Faisal Edhi about the money.

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