After Karnal Ki Biwi, We Present To You ‘Burger Kay PAPA’ Threatening Military Police

threatening an mp

Those born with the privilege of affluence never fail to demonstrate their complete disregard for utter humanity. In fact, they are so delusional from their sense of entitlement that they think they are capable of hitting or hurling threats at whoever they want.

In the wake of karnal ki biwi, we now present you with a spoilt brat and his father who shamelessly threatened the Pakistan Army Military Police (MP).

What is with the ignorant and so-called ‘elites’ of our society using privilege to insult the cops, traffic officers, and guards? All the more, they have now added an MP to the list. Since last year many cases seem to be rapidly piling up, as the privileged continue to misbehave with the on-duty officers. However, this time an MP has been hurled threat at.

In a video that has surfaced on social media recently, a boy was seen hurling abuses at an MP for tearing his jacket and making a call to his father to bring him a spare one. Another video shows the father arriving at the incident scene. The incident probably happened in Islamabad.

Seeing his father, the guy goes on to tell him how the MP tore his jacket and threw some punch at him.

As of now, the story behind the entire incident is unknown. However, it must be noted that nobody out of nowhere tears someone’s jacket or throws a punch. Seemingly, the boy must have messed up with the MP. Why else would he do that?

Nonetheless, right in front of his father, the boy continues tossing abuses at the MP. The brat’s father himself proved to be far worse than his child. Without any shred of shame, his ‘baba’ went on to threatening the MP.

‘Main Tere Khawabon Main Aounga’ – WATCH the father-son duo again

Instead of controlling his son’s awful conduct, the father threatened the MP. What an absolute shame. It goes without saying that the boy must have been at fault for some reason. What would an MP gain out of ripping up his jacket?

However, the sense of superiority is evidently getting to the head of the so-called elites of our society. Somehow, the elite culture has made them believe that they are ‘above the law’. To our dismay, this false sense of entitlement is the crux of the problem we are suffering as a nation.

Twittersphere trolls the ‘burger’ boy

Every so often, we come across some spoiled, privileged brats who go about throwing their family’s illegally earned money and power in everyone’s faces with disgusting behavior. Witnessing all such horrors really makes us wonder where we are headed as a nation.

A number of similar cases have piled up. Last year, a man was recorded misbehaving with the on-duty police official. Hence, this proves that it is not police officials who misuse their legal authority, it is also the citizens who shove their power in the face of these policemen. Looks like everyone in Pakistan is either a ‘colonel’s wife’ or a ‘colonel’. Such a shame!

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