Palestinian Lives Matter

Palestinian Lives Matter

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This story has been submitted by Eiman Jamil.

On May 10, during the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Israeli forces barged into Al-Aqsa mosque. They attacked innocent Palestinians with tear gas and rubber-coated rounds. Palestinians have long been subject to apartheid, evictions, and unjust military treatment by Israeli Forces. The ongoing terrorism on unarmed Palestinians by Israeli forces is also trending on social media. Muslim majority countries, including Pakistan, Indonesia, Lebanon, Iraq, Qatar, and Turkey, have voiced support for Palestine. Protesters also gathered in counties like the UK, Spain, Germany, and even in the Indian-occupied Kashmir for Palestine.

Although Islam has 1.8 billion adherents, making up about 24.1% of the world population compared to – 0.2% share of the world’s population that is Jewish – which is expected to remain about the same in 2050. Yet, the occupying and colonization of Palestine, attacks on Al-Aqsa, and attempts to impede access of Muslims to Qibla-e-Awal continue. Israeli forces kill children, women, and men. It’s a call towards Muslim communities to unite and stand undivided for the cause of peace and humanity.

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Muslims & the world

Although Muslims outnumber Jews, yet, they lack the courage to stay united. Because they have forgotten their purpose of existence and their history. Muslims today are under the influence of the West, beyond the paradox of celebrating a bygone Islamic civilization. At the height of Islamophobia, they face challenges to set themselves free from fears of political, economic, and social dependence on the West. The influence of the West is great in Muslim communities. Navigating the cultural conflicts between the West and Islam is not an inconsequential challenge. The two domains of knowledge are poorly matched. Islam offers a totalized worldview encompassing all spheres of community intercourse: political, economic, social, etc.

The West isolates the spheres of knowledge and action and enshrines the individual. Muslims continue to experience prejudice, intimidation, exclusion, ethnic cleansing, discrimination, misunderstanding, terrorism, and hatred. Yet, the West mostly calls Muslims terrorists. Moreover, it always attacks the Islamic moral-ethical traditions. Shah Mehmood Qureshi being targeted over his remarks on Israel’s violence in Palestine as anti-semitic, recently, is a perfect example.

Terrorism in Palestine

The global media doesn’t consider attacks on Palestinians as religious intolerance against Muslims. The killing of children and the dispossessing of helpless families from their lands are not “violations of human rights” by “deep-pockets”. They call it Israel’s act of self-defense. The tone-deaf statements by the Western media are promoting partiality, discrimination, and unacceptance towards Muslim communities.

Violence has since escalated in Palestine as the world stands in solidarity with her. However, the champion of human rights, the United States, feels otherwise. The US is probably downplaying the degree of violence in Gaza to safeguard its interests with Israel. The support of Israel by few developed countries is shaking Muslims from the deep slumber of losing their freedom by following western culture. This freedom is away from the teaching of Allah, Islam, Quran, and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). The temptation for fleshly desires has divided Muslims.

The decline of the Muslim world

Muslims in third world countries are far away from understating the religion Islam despite countless madrassas and mosques. In such countries, religion is all about a few practices of Islam. Teachings of Islam are focused on ibadat; not much on ikhlakeyat nor on science, technology and politics. People use technology for watching porn only. The purpose of being a Muslim is gone. Neither educational institutes nor parents are playing a role in producing individuals who could excel in education, science, or technology. We need people who can take a stand for the Muslim community.

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Until Muslims understand their mental slavery to Western culture, the realization of the fact would help them gain the courage to speak against the killings of Muslims as acts of terrorism and not termed it as “conflict”. How Malala Yusafzai condemned attacks on Palestine showed her fear of losing her influence in the West. She also donated money for Palestinian children. Meanwhile, Muslims lauded Qureshi for taking a stand during his interview with CNN.

In brief, all lives matter so does Palestine’s Lives Matter and if Muslims stand undivided for the cause of truth and justice, they can win the war against any injustice and discrimination. The strength of Muslims is in “iman” (faith). This iman is evident from the smiles of Palestinians, who are determined to fight for their freedom, fearlessly. Additionally, the cause of truth and justice does not need us to be Muslims, but humans, and the Muslim community is grateful for the support of all non-Muslims who are standing fearlessly for Palestine against the tyranny of Israel during this testing time. Likewise, not all Jews are the same, some have compassion and humanity too who are supporting Palestinians.

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