How Palestine Spent, What Is Known To Be The Happiest Day for Muslims, Eid ul Fitr

29th July marked the first day of Eid ul Fitr in Palestine, already under attack, Palestine, tried, just tried to think otherwise but what happened on that day?

Here is an insight:

The death toll rose to 1,040 on the 21st day of the conflict.

A 7 year old boy was killed by a tank fire.

But the courage stood still, several hundred Palestinians showed up for the official Eid prayers in the morning but as you can see, to a bombarded mosque below.

Eid in Palestine 2014

As people prayed for Palestine and asked for the stoppage of the Israeli unjustified attack, there were graves still being dug as the photo shows below three individuals pausing during the process.

Eid in Palestine 2014

Meanwhile, the filled cemeteries were visited by family members to offer respect and miss their loved ones.

Eid in Palestine 2014

Known as the moon night, primarily, the night prior to the first day of Eid ul Fitr, celebrations take place in many Islamic countries as the moon is sighted but check this view out for the Palestinians.

Eid in Palestine 2014

Now if you believe that 1,040 Palestinian lives can equal 40 proclaimed murders of Israeli soldiers, than the world is mistaken and voluntarily headed towards a disaster, think beyond the comfort of your own soul.

The world stood still before, let us let that be the past.

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