The Palestine Map Tells The Story of Palestine That No One Ever Thought Of…

Palestine and Israel were put under the same roof in 1947 via the UN Declaration and as hostages came in the Israeli people after the mass murdering by then notorious German leader Adolf Hitler. So, the Arabs did not deny their entry.

The following Palestine map suggests the entrance of Israeli’s in Palestine in 1947.

Palestine Map 1947

And so, what does the Palestine Map look like today? Where is the country that opened their arms to give shelter to the country that suffering? One is to win a country of their own by not demolishing the other but making sure that the system is split in half.

Palestine Map 2014

Note that Gaza has been pushed towards the center of Jerusalem and the Palestine Map has shrunk, as a result of severe bombardment and the murder of thousands, for the home Palestinian’s gave, was taken from them instantly.

Palestine Map

The Palestine Map has shrunk to be non existent and as the above transition suggests, Israel is more of a country then Palestine. The Israel Palestine conflict continues and unfortunately, the world looks on.


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