This Person Shuts down Sexist Culture In a Thoughtful Manner!

This is not just happening in Pakistan but, an issue for the whole world. For too long have we all been acting as a superior race, and even as a superior gender. “World of men” we would say. “Women belong in the kitchen”, a common phrase is known to us all. Unfortunately, Pakistani culture is still not ready to accept women as just as equal to other genders, just as superior to men. This guy, Hassan Raza, has a perfect reply to the sexist culture of this nation.

Here it is:

“The thing is, You don’t ever have to worry about consequences of rejecting any marriage proposal, you’re never scared of becoming another acid attack victim. In case your parents find out about your Girlfriend, you’re sure you will never be killed to preserve the ”honor” of your family. You can walk alone in any public place without having the fear of getting groped or harassed. You can walk in markets wearing whatever you want without thinking about ”Log kya kahenge.” You can appear semi nude on national television without people telling you that you’re responsible for the ”Growing Fahaashi” in our country. You almost never have to worry about the possibility of getting raped in case you are walking alone in a deserted street somewhere around 2 am. You can talk loud, laugh loud, sit the way you want without any Tom Dick or Harry telling you ”Mardon ki tarah Tameez se betho.” You can dance where ever you want without causing ”National Ghairat outrage.”

Nobody questions your character just because you regularly hangout with your female friends in fact you’re a ”Stud” who has ”scored many chicks” however, in case there is a problem, the Good old ”Larkay tou Jawani main aise kaam karte he hain magar larkion ko tou khayaal rakhna chahye” excuse will always be there to defend you.

All this and a LOT more is what you do on daily basis because you enjoy ”MALE PRIVILEGE” something women don’t but of course the problem doesn’t exist just because your local Tandoor wala gives roti to his female customers before you, this is why it is completely justified to insult women striving for equal rights and mock Feminist movements. After all, how dare they get that one ”Tandoor Perk” that we don’t!

– Hassan Raza”

 Men and women are all equal, and definitely deserve equal rights in society. Quality education and humanitarianism is much needed in this country if we are to develop into a successful nation. To cut off one’s right and promote another’s is equal to caging someone and in this world, nobody is superior to anyone.

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