Most Shocking Pakistani Videos Of 2015!

Most Shocking Pakistani Videos Of 2015!

1. Footage – 28th October 2015, 8.1 Earthquake Hits Pakistan

2. Will You Marry Me Imran Khan by Qandeel Baloch


3. Ayesha Sana, Bright Kerain

4. Shabbir Jan Gets Angry With Nida Yasir

5. “See what she did” By Ayesha Sana

6. Video To Ridicule Ayesha Mumtaz of Ziafat Hotel

7. Pakistani Government Sending Beef to Hindus in Nepal !

8. Boy Getting Lashed in the Street

9. Pakistanis Being Fed Dog Meat

10. Reporter Jokes After BOMB BLAST!!

11. Mujay Anday Wala Burger

12. The biggest News Blooper Of 2015

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