Pakistan’s Got Talent By Imran Khan

Today, Pakistan knows Imran Khan as a famous politicians, but a few years back people knew him as the captain who won Pakistan the cricket world cup in the year 1992. All of the players in the Pakistan cricket team respect and regard Imran Khan to the core, mainly because of his exceptional leadership skills. Imran Khan has for long enjoyed the status of being a national hero. The players of Pakistan cricket team still consider him to be their ideal and it is said that no captain in the history of Pakistan cricket has exhibited such outstanding captaincy skills as Imran Khan.

He was known to be a very strict and principal oriented captain. He used to give directions and set rules for the team and whomever failed to abide by them used to face the punishment. Cricketers who used to play under him not only copied his style of cricket but they also used to copy his hairstyles and lifestyle as well at that time.

Imran Khan was apparently a very focused and determined captain. He never used to compromise on anything and he used to ensure that each and every player remains fit and performs well. Under his captaincy, the Pakistan cricket team used to play as a unit. There was no or very little politics in his time as apposed to the present times. Today, the Pakistan cricket team has become a victim of internal politics.

In this video Imran Khan talks about the talented cricket team of Pakistan and some funny stories of the players. Funny incidents of the players of Pakistan cricket team such as Wasim Akram and Inzamam ul Haq are discussed. He told how the talent of young team was polished at that time and how they became such big stars in the world of cricket.

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