Meet Hassan Ahmad – Pakistan’s First Deaf Vlogger Has His Own TV Show Now

Meet Hassan Ahmad: Pakistan's First Hearing Impaired Vlogger Is About To Host His Own TV Show

Hassan Ahmad, Pakistan’s first deaf vlogger, will soon be making his debut as a host on his own TV show.

Co-hosted by Ahmad’s sister, the program Ishaaron ki Zuban will be live on the channel Kay2. The show will come every Saturday at 6 pm. He shared the news about this show with his fans and followers on social media.

Ahmad is also the brand ambassador for Deaftawk. He started making videos during the lock down period of this pandemic. The youngster wanted to create awareness among deaf people regarding the precautionary measures and SOPs of COVID-19 through sign language.

“We hope this initiative will pave the way for deaf community to be included in mainstream media and feel heard,” he wrote, expressing his excitement to be on-air.

Ahmad makes his vlogs on different topics

The young vlogger also make videos on ordering and buying things from home. His videos also have a lot of humor and creativity that everyone encourages and likes the content he creates.

Social initiatives in Pakistan for deaf people

On a regular basis, various initiatives are taken in Pakistan. They cater to the needs of deaf people. There is a cafe in Lahore which serves deaf individuals only. The cafe for deaf people is situated on Temple Road, Mozangg.

Deaf individuals gather and discuss their day to day struggles and stories over chai and snooker. Individuals share how they have been visiting the cafe for around 30 years. When bored from home, they come to the cafe, talk to people and vent out.

In July 2016, Coca-Cola Pakistan created a unique music experience for the Deaf Community of Pakistan. Innovative technology combined with the platform’s philosophy of inclusivity, Coke Studio for Deaf enables people with little or no hearing ability to get the basic experience of music.

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