‘This Green Passport Is Not For Sale’ – Pakistanis Send Message To The UAE After It Recognizes Israel

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Tragic news for Muslims all over the globe hit the world recently as the UAE joined its hands with Israel for better inter-relations. A stab in the backs of poor Palestinians who have been deprived of so much at the hands of Israelites. The news of this ‘normalization relations’ hit the world full force and has made many Muslim countries call out UAE for their deceit.

Pakistanis are now calling Arabs out on social media for their deceit and warning them over how their stance is going to ruin them in the future. As a form of unity and integrity, Pakistanis are sharing their angst and views on the matter.  And we completely support the stance. Pakistan is a country that will never back down from its true ideology.

Many Pakistanis even took to Twitter to laud the bravery and courage of the Palestines for their struggles.

Simultaneously, UAE and Israel’s connection or normalizing ties makes UAE the third Muslim country after Egypt and Jordon to recognize Israel.

Twitteratis see the UAE-Israel relations as a sign of ‘Day of Judgement’

As a whole, Twitterati and Pakistani netizens, use this opportunity to call out the gulf nation for their forgery by linking it to Islamic prophecies and another incident very much identified as an event closer to the ‘Day of Judgement.’

However, one thing is for sure, we Pakistanis are brave courageous and will never bow down for anyone especially Israel.

Simultaneously, we see some Pakistanis also using this opportunity to look into the inter-political aspect of the situation, but we wonder, how the repercussions will be by sharing Prime Minister Imran Khan’s previous clip regarding views on Israel.

In addition to that, Pakistanis also shame UAE that despite being a far poor nation than them; hence, they are proud of their PMfor standing against Israeli oppression.

In a nutshell, one thing is for sure, that we Pakistanis are brave and courageous warriors at heart; and if God forbid the time comes, we won’t feel any regret over slaying or sacrificing our lives for this country and for the name of Islam. All in all, we hope to see that the UAE might get the message soon. Not only are Pakistani’s brave but they know their values and will never sacrifice on their ideology.

In addition, there is without a doubt that this amalgamation between both countries; UAE and Israel aren’t going to be rewarding for a lot of nations. Overall, we do know this that things might not be in luck for UAE anymore as they have signed to walk on this journey. May Allah protect us all from the damage that is to come and the Day of Judgement be favorable for all of us.


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