Lahore Qalandars Slump in PSL Yet Again Aur Pakistaniyo Ne Jo Leni Shuru Ki!

None can deny how hard it is being a Lahore Qalandars fan. Every PSL season, they start off saying that this is their ear. Just like Liverpool fans in Premier League. However, the story for the past 3 years has been quite shambolic.

There many loopholes in the system, team selection, and performances? It goes without saying how bad some of the top players in Cricket are performing. People have already questioned the batting order lately; having a squad full of emphatic batsmen, they still chose to send Umar Akmal and open with him. That sums up Lahore Qalandars’ PSL, so far…

Source: SAMAA TV

#LQvIU may be the best match of PSL so far… but we can’t get over how Lahore Qalandars gave that way!

Victory was in their hands. They were gradually cruising towards it until a bunch of their players absolutely showed a reckless attitude and as they crashed, they took their team along. Having a strong position for the most part of the game, Lahore still managed to take it in the super over and this is where everything came crashing down for them.

How can we miss out on the best Twitter moments from last night?

As Lahore got defeated, YET AGAIN, many reactions followed and all chose to roast the life out of them. Enjoy!

Prior to the match


People can be so creative, seriously!

We are sure it never happened because Lahore Qalandars… nevermind

*His Highness Sir Umar Akmal




Just come back to Lahore


There are many games left in PSL 3. However, chances of Lahore making a turn around are still remote. They are yet to win a match this season of PSL and their performances have consistently put every Lahori to shame. If you are a Lahore Qalandars fan, share your sentiments with us…

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