Pakistanis are Trolling PIA on their Latest Facebook Post and the Comments are Unbelievable!

The Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), once the pride of Pakistan, is now playing second fiddle to the competition it has in the local market. However, for the last 2 years, PIA has been trying to revamp its strategies and become the best in the country again.

From airplane crashes, drug smuggling incidents, rogue employees and goat sacrifices, the last few years have seen the Pakistan International Airlines succumb to its negligence towards the customers. In a bid to revive the customer-company friendship again, PIA posted a very boasting, cringe-worthy post on their social media account.


This is what the post reads:

“We are the only airline that flies directly to the most international destinations from Pakistan. We are the only airline flying to the most cities in Pakistan, including the Northern Areas and Gwadar. We are the only Pakistani airline to fly big planes. We are the only Pakistani airline with a real business class. We are the only proud carrier of the national flag!! We bring you the hospitality of Pakistan in the skies and greatly value our relationships. So see you soon aboard PIA ? We are and always will be “Great people to fly with” #FlyPIA #PIAluvsU #FlyingHigher

Apart from the words used in the post, the picture actually says, “Oh, did you say you won’t fly PIA?” — Umm, yes? Maybe? The ad does seem kind of threatening and forceful. However, after the post did rounds on social media, people started commenting on it, sharing their experiences of flying PIA and how “great” they are to fly with.

What was to be a promotional post for PIA, turned into a hilarious customer response center for the country’s national airline. Here is what people said about their “great” experience of flying with PIA.

Some started reminding PIA that this was not the right place to show their capabilities…

Ouch… that must have hurt, all he did was ask for a blanket?

Poor guy, we’re sure he takes an extra bottle of soda while traveling with PIA these days..

This poor, poor girl.. #SeenButNoScene

Yeh bhai toh theek thaak naraaz lag rahe hain..

Endorsed. Agreed. Best!

The basics of humanity: give respect, take respect – if you don’t, you will get bashed on social media #Courtesy101

The perfect answer to why most of the people in Pakistan do not want to fly PIA…

Well, this lad here has a point…

Duty first, boast later! Well said.

We’re pretty sure that these people, along with many others who also commented on the post, reminded PIA why most of us avoid flying with them. The national carrier’s attitude towards its customers still hasn’t improved. The social media advertisement above is a proof of just that.

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