Bollywood Extras Getting Regular Work On Indian News Channels Spreading Fake News

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When it comes to entertainment India sure knows how to make the world have a good laugh. As if Bollywood comedies weren’t making us roll with laughter enough, Indian media is always giving an award-winning performance.

Terrorist attack or staged drama

From air strikes to tea slurping IAF officers, now we get to see their anchor with an invisibility cloak. Confused right? Here is what happened, a video is circulating on social media, which shows a terrorist attack taking place in an Indian village. Although, the situation sounds extremely dire. It is the video itself that is making everyone laugh out loud.

A reporter with the invisibility cloak!

The only question in our mind is, is the reporter wearing an invisibility cloak? Or was the terrorist only targeting villagers? Or was Indian media really craving another trolling? These are some of the questions that can’t wait to be answered. More so maybe Indian media is hiring Bollywood extras for the sake of news. Maybe, in a while, we will be saying reporters reporting on a flying broomstick. Indian Hogwarts for the Indian media isn’t that far away after all.

The minute someone posted this, Pakistanis couldn’t hold the jokes back. From crafting up memes to hilarious remarks it all started pouring, and we can’t stop laughing either. Check out one of these most hilarious tweets and replies.

Some even went far to compare the news to Sunny Deol’s films. While some were concerned about how is the terrorist is looking exhausted.

Indian media’s history of fake news

The entire media industry is always up to making up fake news. But what we find amusing is how the people are eager to believe it.

indian media pakistanis

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Most of the Indian media portrayed Pakistan on its knees and the IAF pilot Abhinandan as a hero. What is actually funny; how easily the people believed it and the Twitter banter began. Pakistanis and Indians are always at each others’ throats especially with the political differences, from cricket to army to politics.

The banter keeps on going back and forth, however, the Indian media keeps on coming up with really funny and illogical ideas to excite the public of what a great nation they are.

All in all, it is quite pleasant to see how only one terrorist managed to take out an entire village and also spare the reporter. Woah! India, one thing is for sure you really know how to keep us entertained, especially during the pandemic.

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