These Pakistanis Are Not Happy with the Bus-like Treatment They Received by a Local Airline

Have you ever had a bad flight experience? You might have faced flight turbulence, delayed landings and of course, misbehaving passengers. But has something ever occurred during a flight that you totally would not have expected? No, right? Obviously, any airline is bound to provide a top-notch service. It’s a business where not even the slightest of risks can be taken and any mishap could account for a major loss.


Talking about carriers, PIA, our national airline has been under the limelight for the past many years. PIA was once a benchmark in aviation is now only a shadow of its former self. The dramatic decline in the service of PIA has been surreal. As nepotism took over, the national carrier faced a drastic decline in their service which kept conspiring in their tarnishing reputation. Now, passengers dread and think twice before buying a PIA ticket.

There is a viral video of another local carrier. Not sure it features PIA but this is surely Pakistan and a local airline.

This is not a local bus. It is the PIA Flight from Turbat to Karachi, flying 3200 feet high in the space with no

Posted by The Baloch News on Friday, July 28, 2017

Not sure whether to laugh or feel ashamed of this… It’s very shambolic how they managed to board a flight with passengers and signaled the green light to take off. A facility of an air conditioner is one of the basic necessities and if this airline could not even provide that, you can imagine the standard of operations this airline is handling.

Which airline do you guys think it is?

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