Pakistanis Think Feroze Khan Looks Like Enrique Iglesias In This Video And We Are All Confused

Feroze Khan is settling in this industry pretty well. From giving breakthrough performances in drama serials to using his charming looks to win the hearts of many, he is definitely one of the future prospects of the Pakistani drama industry. The brother of the gorgeous Humaima Malick knows how to flaunt around his looks and this can be seen whenever he works for a brand.

Recently, Feroze Khan did a promotional shoot for a clothing brand and the viewers there though that the actor looks like Spanish singer Enrique Iglesias!

Well…Umm..You Be The Judge!

Here’s our charming boy Feroze Khan:

And here’s the Spanish-oh-so-charming Enrique Iglesias:

While these two entertainers might not look identical here (in my opinion), when the particular ad begins, Feroze Khan DEFINITELY surprises us with how he looks like Enrique in that one glimpse:

Facebook page: Destinations

Here’s how the comments made us notice the resemblance between the two:

In That Moment, I SWEAR!

Facebook page: Destinations

Here’s More!

Facebook page: Destinations


Facebook page: Destinations

Indeed He Is Very Talented

And Some Had Their Reservations As Well

Regardless of how he may or may not look like the beautiful Spanish singer, Feroze Khan is currently known for his acting skills. Aside from that, our Pakistani boy is extremely good looking himself…

Here’s the link to the video, we think you might want to see the resemblance (or if not) yourself as well:

Share with us if you think that these two entertainers look alike or not!

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