‘Maa Tujhe Salam’ – Nation Sends Love To This Mother Who Sacrificed Her Whole Family For Pakistan

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Mothers are great blessings of Allah (S.W.T). It is a mother who bears all the pain but never let her children cry. Today, the Pakistani nation grieves and stands with pride for Lieutenant Nasir Khalid. This brave Pakistani soldier sacrificed his life today in a terror incident and became a shaheed [martyr]. The brave mother sacrificed her family and a son in Pakistan Army for the nation.

Lieutenant Nasir Khalid was martyred in an IED blast today in North Waziristan. The mother of the martyred soul is all lost after losing her son, who left the world today.

The widowed mother is now also deprived of her son who like her husband is also martyred. Alas! The greatest treasure a woman could hold is gone, her child!

In order to offer their condolences and send tribute to this lion-hearted mother, Pakistanis share their warm wishes for the family.

It is saddening to see how quickly the beautiful relationship between a mother and child is left tarnished due to the brutality of war waged among nations.

Overall, despite the pride that we feel for the martyrs of Pakistan, one question stays poignant. How many lives will be lost for a piece of land and for the struggle of power? How many mothers will be deprived to watch their brave sons and daughters bathed in blood for this soil?

Moreover, what is equally devastating to learn is that many brave soldiers sacrifice and risk their lives for the sake of providing us citizens protection from evil forces. Just a while back, the Pakistan army bravely killed five terrorists, however, one Pakistani soldier also received martyrdom!

WATCH: Lt. Nasir Khalid thanking his family post-graduation

People are taking to Twitter to thank and laud the brave mother of Lieutenant Nasir Khalid.

Above all, listening to this beautiful soul thank his parents and the academy in this video. It is quite inspiring to see the gallantry of this young lieutenant as he speaks of his family.

Many people are also applauding the bravery of the father and son who both got martyred for Pakistan.

We salute the brave mother of Lieutenant Nasir Khalid, a Pakistan Army soldier, for her patience, resilience, and courage for having lost a son and husband for this soil.

All in all, we also offer our condolences and love to Lt. Nasir Khalid’s mother. May the soul of the martyred soldier be blessed the highest rank in Jannah.

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