Pakistanis Shower Blessings On This Man Who Is Content With His Small But Halal Earning

Pakistanis Shower Blessings On This Man Who Is Content With His Small But Halal Earning


We have become so materialistic today that we would do anything to earn a living, so much so that even doing something haram is no longer an issue. Mankind is naturally greedy and has the tendency of earning by any means.

Every Muslim has the obligation to legally acquire money. To provide for the family, we need to constantly strive to acquire wealth in the right way. For us to acquire a living, it is essential that we work hard at it. Today, people feel no shame or dread, and they acquire wealth through means that Allah has forbidden.

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Those who gain money through acts like interest, gambling, deception, corruption, or bribery may be able to notice that Allah has stopped showering them with His blessings. Earning haram and eating haram can never bring you happiness.

Islam permits Muslims to earn wealth as much as they wish, so long as the wealth is earned legally. We should always be cautious about how they earn and spend since any flesh that has been stained by haram deserves nothing but hell. Humanity’s wellbeing depends on halal income. Haram earnings bring misfortune to a man. Muslims who earn money illegally must ask Allah SWT for forgiveness. 

If we claim to be true and faithful worshipers, we should always consume that which is pure and halal. Then, if what we acquire by Halal means is by all accounts not enough to satisfy our needs, Allah will put Barakah in it, and when Allah put Barakah in things, they will go beyond our expectations. Not only in this temporary life, but also in the hereafter, Allah will provide us with what we cannot imagine.

Good things come to those who wait

Indeed, good things come to those who wait. Take this man for example. Look at where he started and where he is now!


Pakistanis laud for his sincerity

“May Allah bless you with more. Ameen.”

There is no denying that halal brings eternal peace!

Earlier, a man who needed a job took it to Twitter and asked people if they know of any online work that he can do to help his family, and Pakistanis helped. It was only a matter of time that all Pakistanis joined hands to help that man get a job.

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