The Way Pakistanis Reacted To Pakistan Team’s Performance Is Totally AMAZING!

After being attacked mercilessly by India few days ago Pakistanis were absolutely dejected. Losing all hopes in their teams they had no expectations in the match against South Africa but being the unpredictable team Pakistan is, it lived up to its name and outdid themselves and everyone else. They won against the number 1 ODI team being the number 8 ODI team. In fact, they didn’t only win, they performed amazingly in all three departments.


This definitely wasn’t the team we saw against India. This was entirely different, the enthusiasm, the passion, the body language and the energy, all of it was in there which was entirely missing in the game against India. It came to all of us as a shock.

Even the fielding was great

Our boys were fielding like their lives depended on it. It actually felt nice seeing them put all the efforts and not dropping catches. Yes it is a great sight for a Pakistani fans when catches aren’t dropped by our team.

And they didn’t even do anything to improve

Well how about doing nothing before every game?

The return of great swing bowling

source: cricinfo

Seeing Amir, Junaid and Hasan Ali bowl last night was a treat. From bouncers to toe cracking swinging yorkers everything was perfect, that bowling attack had everything it takes to be one of the best pace attacks in the world. The boys told the world that this is the bowling Pakistan team is known for.

The game gave us new stars

source: cricinfo

Pakistan was lead to victory by a team effort but the youngsters outshone. Hasan Ali and Fakhar Zaman were remarkable. Hasan Ali’s in particular was something beyond everyone’s expectations and he did everything right. Took 3 wickets in 8 overs giving away just 24 runs. And Fakhar Zaman looked promising with the bat as well.

How beautiful was this

And he also did a great job in fielding

Pakistan bounced back after the defeat from India and showed us:

Pakistanis are happy and shocked but they all have one question, where was this performance against India?

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