Pakistanis Share Their Reactions When They Bumped Into Their Exes

So, when was the last time you bumped into your ex with whom you ended the relationship on very bad terms? What happened next? How did you both react to it? Did you greet? Ignored or an awkward hello? Well, we asked people how they reacted when they bumped into their exes and the reactions! Woah! Read below, so you don’t miss out on these.

1. “I literally had no emotions whatsoever. My gang disappeared and I bumped into him at Diplo’s concert”

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We ended up partying with his new girlfriend, it was actually fun. Maybe I was too emotionally detached or what but it wasn’t awkward at all.

2. “I’ll bump so hard that she won’t be able to stand up and walk for at least a couple of hours”


3. “I’ll pretend to be super happy and perhaps if I get to know we will be meeting through some mutual acquaintances, I would try and look even more beautiful and pretty than before”


Then give him a smile and pass away. I am pretty sure this is enough to kill him

4. “Mera apni ex’s sa kafi dafa amna samna howa ha, salam dua karlete ha muskurate howe aur phir apne apne rastay”


5. “Oh, it was amazing. She was sitting near the dance floor and I was dancing like crazy on my best friends mehndi”

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6. “We’re still friends. We parted our ways on good terms.”

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7.”Beech Ki ungli dikha k bola, you forgot something maybe”


8.”On second thoughts, I wouldn’t react. I’d just pretend I was blind and move on.”


9. “Depends on which ex?!” 😀

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10. “Ignored her completely”


Funny right? 😀 There is no set rules as to how to react if you accidentally meet your ex out there. But it’s for sure that nobody would want to get punched by them. How would you react if you meet your ex suddenly? Share in the comments below and maybe tell your friend’s experience! Tag other friends for a good laugh and share on your wall. Till then have fun! 😉

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