Pakistanis Share Awkward Things That Happened to Them on Valentine’s Day!

We live in a world where relationships are no longer black or white and are of casual dates, exes still meet as “friends”, half girlfriends and boyfriends. The latter is the interesting kind of all. It is more like you are in a relationship but you are not mostly because millennials fear commitment or some make this decision out of practicality. Believe it or not, we all are in “almost relationship” where we are playing romantic allies with someone we don’t call our significant other. Since people run from labels, they can’t seem to run from being jealous, caring and always there.

Which also results in why people should not be celebrating Valentine’s but at home. *cries in corner* Because celebrating valentines is banned in Pakistan. We asked people randomly what awkward and weird things happened to them or someone they know on valentine’s day. Some were so awkward that it made us cringe. Else were meme-worthy. You wouldn’t want to miss on these surely!

These following stories are from a few bois!

1. “Police ko 500 diye thay” ahem, ahem agay hum samjhgae 😀


2. “Had tea, had a cigarette, university, work, normal routine felt awkward”


Some people replied to this guy’s comments; “aaah!!! bewafa yaar sy toh cigarette achi!
dil ko jalati hai, per labon tak to aati hai!!”

3. “Celebrate hotay hotay rehgya… I was so close.” *Bangs wall*


Now, here are some girls experiences. 😀 *fingers crossed*

4.”I cook, he eats then he poops and then he sleeps”


5. “I had an awkward experience once when I forgot the date of 14th Feb & wore red to the University” 


6. “Shaadi” Enuf said, sister. No more words needed, we understand your pain.


7.  “Never knew something this romantic would happen. A cig touching my lips.”

Reaction gif

8. “Now, one can’t say everything online. Something would always remain a secret.” *oopss*


Stay indoor guys, you would not want to be seen in the sea of lovers out in the open, right? and DO NOT buy any presents or declare any sort of affection to your loved one because if you do, it would mean that Valentines mean something to you and you celebrated it. *Haraaaaammm*

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