We Asked Pakistanis The Most Shameful Things They’ve Ever Googled And Tauba, Astaghfirullah!

In each and every one of us, there exist two people. One is the person we show to the world, who has self-respect and dignity and tries to behave accordingly. And then there’s the other person, who does things in private that we’d never admit to even under oath.

Not because they’re illegal, but because they’re very, very embarrassing. We all have that second person inside us, even though we’re loath to admit it. Because revealing our nose-picking, armpit smelling alter-egos to the world would be revealing something horrible: That we’re not perfect all the time.

There is no doubt Google search suggestions are very useful, but since many people use it to find the weirdest things, if you pay attention to some of the things people look up on Google, you’ll be quite entertained.

We asked our followers to share the weirdest things they have searched on the web and the answers are worth reading!

Check these out!

1. Why does protection have flavors?


Probably to make the entire process a bit more fun? Like c’mon, who doesn’t want some strawberry and mint in their life? Haina?

2. How do pigeons mate?


That’s truly a puzzler.

3. Who is Mia Khalifa?


You deserve an award for your masoomiyat.

4.  Why does it hurt so much when you do the *deed* for the first time?


Umm… we’re hiding behind a dupatta.

5. How to hack Google?

Source/Scott’s Blog

We’re sure that’s classified.

6. How to get A’s with 32%?


That’s something you need to discuss with the British Council.

7. Should we ‘DO’ it on the first night?


Time will tell…

8. What’s the wazeefa to make someone fall in love with you?

LOL..get in line! Kyun ke sabko chahiye

9. How to turn desi parents into angrezi parents?


Honestly, you’ll get a chittar coming your way if your Amma finds out your Google search.

10. How do you make out?


Sorry, we’re just laughing on this one!

11. How to boil water?


That’s some major rocket science and you need to do some intense calculations. True story!

12. Why are men such pigs?


Kisi aadmi se poochen, please!

13. How to kill your mother in law and make it look like it was natural?


We’d rather not comment on this…

That was a fun read, wasn’t it? Whether you admit or not, we’re sure we entertained you just a tad!


So, these were the few responses that we got. Some were too inappropriate to be shared which is why we’re going to keep them in our record only! However, we really want to know the shameful things which you have Googled! Share away!

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