Pakistanis Schooling The Speechless Rishi Kapoor Is The Moment Many Had Been Waiting For!

First of all, congratulations to all the Pakistanis reading this article. What happened yesterday is the complete example of how we are capable of making history. Against all the odds, we broke the necks of the opponents.

We were trashed in the first game. We were mocked by our own countrymen for putting our dignity at stake. Nobody believed that we had in us. The 8th positioned team took every opponent by the collar and made sure to set an example – an example that speaks we should never be underestimated.

What spoke louder than even our victory is the overconfidence of the Indians who thought they had it in themselves. Their naive and disrespectful behavior against the opponents backlashed and that made them a worldwide joke. Your age, seniority, and experience mean nothing when your attitude is filled with hate. Such is what happened with Indian actor Rishi Kapoor who was on the high horse of winning the title easily.

It All Started With This Tweet

And Then He Tried To Mess With Our Local Boy Murtaza

Ye “he who laugh laughs the last” bohat bhaari parha hai Rishi Sahab ko.

While Pakistan was trashing India, Hardik tried to save the sinking boat but couldn’t stick for longer. But Rishi Sahab thought the following:

LOLOLOLOLOLOL Are You Kidding Me!!

Pakistanis Had Excellent Response!



<3 <3 <3

HAHAHAHAHAHA Amir Liaquat Made Kapooray On His Show!


Words cannot describe the feeling we had when Sarfraz lifted the trophy. We broke everything – we broke the expectations people had, we were the reason why hundreds of Indians broke their television sets last night, we were the reason why people like Rishi Kapoor sat quietly last night. We were the reason of hope!

Congratulations, team Pakistan. We love you so, so much.

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