Pakistanis School Gul Bukhari After She Mocks Ailing Musharraf!

Pakistanis School Gul Bukhari After She Mocks Ailing Musharraf!

Gul Bukhari

As former Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf’s health is drastically deteriorating, the pictures circulating show it all. Following the high treason case against the General, apparently, the proceedings seem to be ending soon. However, the infamous journalist Gul Bukhari, yet again, tried to mock Pervez Musharraf on his bad health condition but Pakistanis schooled her well.

Gul Bukhari’s mocking tweet about Pervez Musharraf’s ailment backfired badly!

Then governing the state and now an ailing individual, the Ex-President’s previous efforts seem to go in vain. Last month, a picture of Pervez Musharraf went viral on social media and it clearly showed how poor his health is. Earlier this week, on Tuesday, Pakistanis perfectly schooled journalist Gul Bukhari after she tried to mock Pervez Musharraf on Twitter.

Here’s what Gul Bukhari posted!

Apparently, the ignorant take on an ill patient who is already struggling to live is extremely inhumane. No matter what the individual holds in the past, making fun of someone’s miserable condition is harsh. Writing “Ibratnaak Hashar” on a video of Pervez Musharraf lying on a hospital bed who is still explaining his side is absolutely fiendish.

Musharraf explaining his health condition!

In the video, the former President is lying on the bed started off by describing his severe ailment.  He said, “Shuru se kharab hai aur main yahan hopsital main aata jaata raha hun aur doctor ke hawalay hota raha hn aur abhi bhi yehi haalat hai. Aaj subha mujhe dizziness hui aur main black out ho gaya. Mujhe phr utha ke yahan le aaye hain. Mujhe nai maloom us ke baad kiya hua hai”.

Gul Bukhari


Further, Pervez Musharraf talked about the treason case he is charged in. He maintained, “Ye case meri nazar main bilkul be-buniyaad hai kyunki gaddari chorain, main ne tou is mulk k liye bohot khidmaat sar anjaam di hain. Jangein lara hua hun main aur mulk ki khidmaat main ne 10 saal ki hain. Is liye main samajhta hun be-buniyaad hai. Aur yahan is case main sunwaai nahin ho rahi hai”.

The case proceedings and Pakistanis bashing Gul Bukhari on her tweet!

“Mera jo lawyer hai Salman Safdar us tak ko sun nai rhay hain. Meri nazar main yte bohot ziadti ho rahi hai. Insaaf ka takaza poora nai kiya ja raha hai”, Muharraf added. Speaking of the Commission created, he said, “Commission jo bani hai wo beshak idhar aayen, main unko statement denay ko tayyra hun. Wo aayen, mujhe sunain aur khud dekhein meri tabyat kaisi hai aur khud faisla karain”.

Gul Bukhari

“Aur us Commission ki baat ko kam az kam court main suna jaye aur mera lawyer jo bol raha hai us ko suna jaaye”, he concluded. Regarding the case, last month, Islamabad High Court (IHC) halted Supreme Court (SC) from revealing the verdict in Musharraf Treason Case. However, Gul Bukhari’s insensitive tweet backfired badly.

Pakistanis are really angry!

And it continues!

This response too!

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