Pakistanis’ Reaction To This Guy Passing Through Security Check Is Utterly Disgusting

Technology – a blessing for many and an affliction for some – especially for those who come from uneducated backgrounds and have no idea how technology works.

A video yesterday went viral when a man, who probably found out about security checks for the first time, thought he needs to go through the x-ray machine himself as a security check precaution. As the educated people reading this would know that the x-ray machine shown in the video is used to scan your luggage and suitcases at an airport or any high-security place.

Here’s what happened:

Of course, the guy had no idea on how the machines work and which machine he had to use. (Cannot see any proper guidance given to him)

Along with this, he had no idea about the amount of radiations the x-ray machines have and here we are, making fun of the poor guy and think it is funny. The x-ray machines have radiations stronger than the visible light and they can have severe side-effects as well.

Sure, when Shahrukh Khan plays a stupid man’s role in his movie, you find it adorable.

………..but when a local man does it, you find it funny or racist?

People are passing racist comments over the social media, saying the man must be a Pathan who could do something as “foolish” as this. However, an educated and not-a-racist-person would just say that the man is a security-check-virgin. He absolutely had NO idea how these machines work.

But yeah, all we can do is make fun of the people.

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