Pakistan and India are in the Finals and Here’s How Pakistanis are Reacting!

It really doesn’t get bigger and better than this, a Pakistan vs India final of the champions trophy. Who would have thought that Pakistan could make it this far seeing how they got thrashed in their first game against India? But they proved everyone wrong and and here we are hoping for one more win in the final against India. India won comprehensively against Bangladesh and secured its position in the final against Pakistan. As soon as India won, Pakistani twitter blew up showing excitement towards the great Pakistan vs India game.

Some were concerened

It really isn’t easy being a fan of Pakistan cricket team and when it is against India? You better get prepared either they will make you the happiest person in the world or they will hurt you really really bad. Watch at your own risk.

Hun karo na boycott?

Well well India, every Indian will be watching our 11 men playing against India.

Can it get bigger than this?

No it doesn’t. Nothing can compare to a final having Pakistan and India in it. Not even Ashes not even El Clasico. Pakistan vs India is the real deal.

Some were quite confident.

We really should be congratulating them on the last thing they won in this Champions Trophy, shouldn’t we?

It’s payback time.

We really really hope we avenge it. Or we can just add Champions Trophy 2017 in the list we have to avenge from India in the future. Agli dafa karlain gay.

Please dear, God.

Let it be 2007 or 2011. We have waited too long. We really want to know how does it feel when Pakistan wins against India in a major tournament’s final.

Oh Bangladesh.

Well, it was your call. All we are saying that you could have been in the final too.

So there were different reactions from Pakistanis over the great Pakistan vs India final. Some were quite confident over Pakistan’s win and some had their doubts. But whatever it is, it is going to be a great game of cricket and no matter what the result is Pakistan cricket team has already made us really proud.

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