Pakistanis Have Made It Very Clear That ‘Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint…’

If you’re a Pakistani who stays up-to-date with Pakistan’s trending Social media scene, then you already probably know that ‘Yeh bik gayi hai Gormint’ and that ‘Yeh saray mil ke humko pagal bana rahay hain %#$*%@$#*‘.



It all started with one Karachiite Aunty who gave her views about the ‘Gormint’ of Pakistan to a local TV channel. Since then, she and her catch-line phrase has been in glory. This is what she said. Be warned though. This contains highly sensitive language.

Here are some scenarios that definitely prove ke Yeh Bik Gayi Hai Gormint.

1. When the government says every Pakistani will get roti, kapra and makaan and you’re sitting in a tent eating sookhi roti then:

2. When the government promises it will follow democracy and instead it falls in the hands of the military then:

3. When the government reduces petrol prices but it is still higher than the international rates:

4. When the government promises a decrease in inflation and instead it is the economy that starts decreasing then:

5. When government officials come to talk shows, make many different promises and don’t fulfill even a single one of them:

6. When you’re young and in love but you cannot afford to call your lover because telephone cards are so expensive:

7. When the government promises construction of new roads, hospitals, schools, and colleges and build a Metro Bus instead then:

8. When the government says it is not involved in any sort of corruption and the Prime Minister’s name shows up in the Panama Papers then:

9. When the government promises student loans and scholarships and all of these are given to family members and friends intead then:

10. When the government promises the new fiscal year budget will be beneficial for the common man and instead it pays back loans of the IMF then:

11. When the government promises a better life for the common Pakistani and instead he can’t even afford two meals a day then:

Let’s spread the word and make sure everybody knows what the Gormint has been up to.
“Kyun ke ab further pagal ban’ne ka mood nahi.”

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