Pakistanis Are Going Crazy Over The Mannequin Challenge And You Need To Watch Them!

Pakistani Mannequin Challenge Videos -

There was an era of planking in around 2010. Later we all saw the ALS Ice Bucket Challenges about two years ago. Now, the internet is going crazy with the Mannequin Challenge. This trend has reached Pakistani as well, and people everywhere are going crazy doing it!

Mannequin challenge is a viral video craze where people tend to freeze for the camera while doing their normal everyday things, whatever they may be. Walking, playing, chatting, kicking, fighting, anything that comes into your mind. A music plays in the background while a cameraman goes around the people being mannequins and focusing on how they froze for the challenge. Without further a due, let us take you towards what we Pakistanis are doing:

If You Still Don’t Understand, Here is The First Lady of a Superpower Taking This Challenge to Explain What It Is:

So have you understood now? Let’s begin!

First Up is NUST – SADA. Here We Find Artists At Their Best!

National University of Science and Technology is known for educating one of the best and the finest engineering students found in Pakistan. As boring as engineering may sound to someone, the students of department SADA showed that they are much more than engineering and a lot fun by doing their own mannequin challenge.

Subway Pakistan Posted This A Few Days Ago And They Did A Fine Job With It As Well!

The international chain of roasted 6 and 12-inch sandwiches showed that they are more than just a place that serves amazing sandwiches. Subway Pakistan did their own mannequin challenge and I must say, they did a great job.

I Keep Wondering How Zameen.Com Convinced So Many People To Perform This All At Once!

Amazing effort and considering how many people they added in the challenge, it was a thrill to see.

Even Restaurants Are Doing Mannequin Challenge. This Particular Bakery, For Instance:

Lahore Grammar School Johar Town Campus Could Convince A Whole School To Do It!

A number of students staying still for a minute with such composure? Only found in LGS! Students of one of the finest schooling system in Pakistan pulled a great effort here.

Would You Just Look At NUST’s SEECS Department Over Here? DAYUM.

NUST does it again and this time, it gets even better.

A Commendable Performance Right There By LUMS!

One of the top universities in Pakistan and in the sub-continent, Lahore University of Management and Sciences couldn’t stay behind the uproar of mannequin challenges in Pakistan. Following the tradition, they had their attempt as well!

I Wonder Why One Of Those AKU Students Thought Of Doing Yoga On Top Of A Table. Hmm.

Agha Khan University’s students pulled a decent effort on the mannequin challenge and add their own mix to it. Instead of choosing the song which is normally played behind the mannequin challenges, AKU students chose Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan‘s Rashq e Kamar.

Amazing touch to it, future doctors!

Even Our Young Cadets Of NUST EME Campus Are Doing It!

The mannequin challenge goes to cadets in NUST and what an effort!

I Guess Nustians Are The Most Addicted To This Mannequin Challenge. Presenting To You Our Future Mechanical Engineers!

Mechanical engineers of NUST again!

Why Should NUST Have All The Fun? UET Can Do It As Well!

Well, you might just think that University of Engineering Technology is a boring university that only focuses of engineering. However, they proved us all wrong by their attempt on the challenge that is taking the country by storm. Amazing effort here again!

It’s a crazy world with crazy trends. Let us know if you took this challenge as well!


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