Sharam Karo! Pakistanis Grill Dr. Aamir Liaquat For Mocking Bilawal At Sister’s Wedding

aamir liaquat

Dr. Aamir Liaquat Hussain is quite famous in Pakistan but for all the wrong reasons. From his Ramadan transmission to a lot more, he never fails to get under fire. PTI MNA Liaquat constantly remains in the headlines for his comments on different personalities and this time it is for ridiculing Bilawal Bhutto at his sister’s wedding.

Last week, the eldest daughter of former prime minister Benazir Bhutto and former president Asif Ali Zardari, Bakhtawar Bhutto-Zardari tied the knot. The bride’s brother, Bilawal, could be seen proud and beaming sitting with his sister signing the nikkah papers.

Taking to Twitter, PPP chairperson Bilawal expressed his happiness. He said that it was the “happiest moment in many years”. In addition to this, he wished the best for the couple, and shared a few pictures from the event.

Dr. Liaquat was quick to take a jab at the bride’s brother and ridiculed him unsought.

It is no secret that Dr. Liaquat and Pakistan People’s Party Bilawal are fierce political opponents. However, making fun of him on such a happy occasion is downright evil. Regardless of whichever party he supports, the least he could do is keep his unsolicited remarks to himself.

Taking to Twitter, he wrote, “Well, this is what happens. We will also do the marriage certificate. Now we will send you away. Then we will think, when will we do it?

However, it did not sit well with the Pakistani awaam. They suggested Dr. Liaquat focus on this own life and wives.

According to many of them, he should not be making statements on a beautiful course of nikkah after divorcing his first wife.

Pakistanis grill Aamir Liaquat

“One who divorces his first wife for no reason; then marries a woman of his daughter’s age and then upon being questioned, ridicules his daughter and wife; what does he know about nikkahnama and its importance?” said one user on Twitter.

Dr. Liaquat has enraged the public on multiple occasions. Earlier, when people were mourning the death of Bollywood legends Irrfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor, Dr. Liaquat made some insensitive comments on television.

In a nutshell, it seems as if he is being ignored by the ruling party, and in order to stay relevant, he is pulling off such daring feats. In fact, he seems to be so unfazed by the embarrassment that he causes himself through his own doings that he does not even care anymore.

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