Some Pakistanis Believe the Real Culprit Involved in Zainab's Murder Is Different from the One Sketched

Some Pakistanis Believe the Real Culprit Involved in Zainab’s Murder Is Different from the One Sketched

It has almost been 2 days since the news of Zainab’s kidnapping, rape, and murdering broke. The vile incident led to an outrage on both, the media and in Kasur. Hundreds of men and women came out to seek justice for what happened with Zainab. The citizens of Kasur were demanding justice – they protested outside the police station in order to plea the authorities to take some stern actions in finding the culprit.

The nationwide outrage caused the authorities to take some actions – CCTV footages were found where Zainab was last seen with a man.


However, the work by authorities indeed wasn’t fast enough!

She Seemed to Be Just Fine to be Going with the Man

Who knew there was an animal hidden in that man!

After a few hours had gone by, a sketch was released by the police, ascertaining the man who was last seen with Zainab.

The sketch of the man was released to the masses so they may contribute towards the arresting the vile animal who did this to Zainab.

Here’s the Sketch they Released

While watching the CCTV footage, one can notice how the sketch does not seem the same as the individual last seen with Zainab.

While the Forces Failed to Notice That, Pakistanis Drew Proper Analysis to Make their Jobs Easier

Horrible to See this!

Later, They Noticed How the Sketch Was NOT Accurate

What a shame!

Is It Really a Coverup?


It is indeed sad to see how the police once failed to their job when Zainab was kidnapped and now they are doing the same – nothing to find the man who may have done this to her.

Let’s just wait for the Punjab Police to take serious actions and realize that this matter is way serious than the way they are treating it!

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