Kashmala Blames Drivers For Accident – Pakistanis Reject Her Story & Demand Action Against Son


Four young men were killed and two others injured when a vehicle with the family of Federal Ombudsperson for Protection against Harassment of Women Kashmala Tariq on board hit a car on Srinagar Highway late Monday night. She claims her son was not driving the vehicle that hit the car.

At a press conference, Tariq maintained that her son is innocent. However, Pakistanis are not ready to believe any word that comes out of her mouth and demand strict action.

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One of the vehicles had a government number plate with five vehicles reportedly part of the VIP motorcade. Islamabad police confirmed that the former MNA’s protocol vehicles broke the sector G-11 traffic signal and collided into two vehicles. However, it was not clear in the CCTV footage whether the vehicles broke the signal or not.

Sources confirmed that Tariq’s husband Waqas Khan and son Azlan Khan were also sitting in one of the vehicles. The police reportedly detained her husband, while her son and others flee the scene.

Taking to Twitter, the Islamabad police also confirmed the arrest of the driver. Moreover, vehicles had been taken into custody, and “the police will act in accordance with the law and proceed legally against those responsible”, the statement further added.

Tariq’s son obtained bail prior to the arrest. More so, he appeared in the court of Additional Sessions Judge Mohammad Sohail. He granted him bail before arrest against surety bonds of Rs50,000 till Feb 16.

“My son was not driving,” Kashmala Tariq affirmed

While addressing the media trial, Tariq said her son was not driving the vehicle that hit the car as the media ‘claims’. According to Tariq, she and her husband were traveling in a vehicle driven by their driver that crashed into the Mehran car.

Source: Twitter

The ombudswoman claimed that her son was traveling in another vehicle driven by another driver. She demanded that the footage of the Safe City Project be released to prove her son’s innocence. Tariq said she and her husband also suffered injuries and the latter was hospitalized.

“The accident was a result of the negligence of the drivers of both vehicles but the media started a trial of my family,” Tariq added.

“My son remained in the spot till 12 midnight.” Apart from this, she claimed that such mishap ‘could have happened with anyone’. However, just because she is a politician and ‘Kashmala Tariq’, people want to ‘take a dig at her’.

Pakistanis demand strict against Kashmala Tariq’s son & husband

Watch Kashmala Tariq’s press conference here

Ombudsperson Kashmala Tariq was previously married to Tariq Rasheed, a member of the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association, and Azlan Khan is their son.

After the CCTV footage of the incident released, police registered a case against her son in Model Police Station Ramna. Meanwhile, the dead are identified as Anis Ahmed, 22, Farooq Ahmed, 23, Hayder Ali, 22, and Malik Adil 23, the police said.

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