Pakistanis Are Curious About the Birthplace of Mirza-Malik Baby and Shoaib Malik Answers their Concerns!

Pakistanis Are Curious About the Birthplace of Mirza-Malik Baby and Shoaib Malik Answers their Concerns!

Remember how Pakistanis bombarded the pictures of Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik by asking the couple when they’ll have a baby? Yep, they were nothing less than a saas/sasur poking their nose in the matters that didn’t involve them.

In the media, however, the couple never addressed how the social media users continue asking them about their family planning. They’ve maintained their distance well from the media as a couple and honestly, it seems pretty appropriate.

Given how Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik belong to countries that are arch rivals, they often hear extremist remarks, but the two stay together thick and thin.

Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik Broke the News of their Pregnancy Few Days Ago on Social Media

The two previously shared how their child will have “Mirza-Malik” as a surname.

Social Media Blessed the Couple with the Best Wishes

Sania Mirza is Currently 3-Months Pregnant

While the subject of India-Pakistani is already very sensitive, people are wondering the life of the baby.

On the Lighter Note

People are concerned about the place of the baby’s birth…will it be India or will it be Pakistan?

To address this, Shoaib Malik spoke to Geo TV in an interview and shared how he and Sania haven’t gone this far to think. He shared how there’s still plenty of time for them to focus on such a topic and first he would only want people to make prayers for Sania and the upcoming child.

He also stated that this is the matter of good news for both families and he would like to share this happiness with everyone.

In addition, Malik mentioned how family planning had been on the minds of the couple for some time and now they are finally having their shot.

Whatever the nationality of this child may be, he/she will indeed get a lot of love from Pakistan because well…they all had been waiting so much.

Wishing Sania Mirza all the strength in the world and best wishes for their upcoming journey.

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