Pakistani Celebrities and the Rest have Accepted the #PadmanChallenge and People are Finding it Weird!

Lower your voice if you are talking about mensuration or periods to an extent where the other person could even hardly hear you. At this point in time, where everything is being talked about in the world, we decide to stay quiet on this natural process because it’s not less than a nuclear weapon that no one should know about. But, to break the stereotypes, a number of Pakistani celebrities expressed their view on it through their tweets that needs much attention.

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The debate on mensuration sparked when the trailer of the movie “PadMan” became viral due to its subject. There were fewer people who appreciated the film while all the others were angry as to why a thing, that everyone already knows about, has been made a film on. To change this bogus mindset, a challenge was started by Sonam Kapoor named padman challenge where she held a pad in her hand and captioned it:

I accept your #padmanchallenge Yes that’s a Pad in my hand & I don’t feel weird. It’s natural, Period!‬ ‪Copy, Paste this & Challenge your friends to take a photo with a Pad!‬ ‪Here I am Challenging @jacquelinef143 @arjunkapoor @reallyswara”.

Till now, almost everyone in the B-town has accepted this challenge happily and now, this has reached across the border where our celebrities are also doing it.

More celebrities accepted the challenge!

More and more people jumped on the bandwagon

The news of PadMan getting banned in Pakistan made many celebrities unhappy with the fact that the reason given for not issuing the NOC was not legit. As per the Federal Censor Board, the topic of the film is a taboo that doesn’t abide by the Islamic traditions, history, and culture. To support the film, our celebrities took to Twitter and expressed how it time that we elevate our thoughts and don’t consider it as something wrong because it’s not.

Armeen Khan

She loved it!

Sanam was also part of it!


Their tweets kept getting criticism but that didn’t let them take their words back. Seems like there are more stars who would also speak on this issue sometime soon. However, it was not just the stars who protested on uplifting the ban. The mango people also spoke up and started sending pads to the censor board.

Girls at Dhabas!

Maybe, it’s really time that we stop period shaming woman because it’s a natural thing that happens to them, there is nothing evil attached to it. Many of us only have limited information on the topic because we were never allowed to inquire more but isn’t it wrong to keep everyone in dark regarding something that Allah was instilled in them. If you liked the article then like, share and comment down below to give us your feedback.

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