Pakistanis Celebrated Holi And It Sends Such A Colorful Message To All Of Us!

Holi – the festival of colors, the festival of love. Just two the days ago, Hindus all over the world celebrated their energetic and colorful festival in full swing. Pakistan, being home to minorities practicing different religions also caters members of the Hindu discipline.

Just yesterday our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif made a visit to Karachi and marked his presence to embark the occasion of Holi.

PM shared words of wisdom while talking about the rights of minorities and shared his opinions regarding Holi as well.

Having said so, our PM wasn’t the only one who had it in his heart to celebrate this colorful festival – Pakistani entertainers were also seen blending in the vivid colors and spirits of the Holi tradition.

Here’s the newlywed Urwa Hocane and Farhan Saeed Butt!

The Holi gathering was organized by famous Pakistani-Hindu designer Deepak Perwani and a lot of Pakistanis joined him in this celebration.

Fariha Altaf and Sheraz Uppal Joined The Clan!

And Our Favorite Ali Noor From Noori Was A Part Of The Festivity As Well

As PM Nawaz Sharif said, “Pakistan was not made so one religion can dominate over others. Religion does not force anyone to do anything, let alone forcing anyone to adopt a certain religion. Forced conversions are considered a criminal practice according to our religious teachings.”

Under the flag of Pakistan, the minorities deserve their right to celebrate their festivities in full swing. It was lovely seeing how Pakistanis gathered and celebrated this joyful occasion with their fellow citizens.

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