Pakistanis Can’t Get Over What Abid Sher Ali’s Daughter Said About Him in an Interview

Abid Sher Ali has been getting all sorts of headlines in the recent days for all the wrong reasons.

The PMLN Leader Recently Character Assassinated PTI’s Shireen Mazari

In a jalsa, Abid Sher made disrespectful and disgusting remarks on his fellow parliamentarian Shireen Mazari.

Here’s the video of what he said:

His Remarks Creates an Outrageous Reaction on Social Media

Female Journalists Came Forward

Here’s What Zainab Abbas Had To Say

And The Public Reacted As Well


The Outrage by Media Made Shahbaz Sharif Apologise on Behalf of the Comments Made by Abid Sher Ali and Rana Sanaullah

But Pakistanis Were Still Waiting for Statements by Abid Ali Sher himself

The internet never forgets anything and the resurfacing of the video of Abid Sher Ali’s daughter just made everything clear for the Pakistanis.

In An Interview With Ek Din Geo K Sath, Here’s What Abid Ali Sher’s Daughter Said About her Father:

The host asked the daughter about the best habit of her father Abid Sher Ali and she replies, “koi nahi.” Don’t believe us? See for yourself!

Here’s the video:

She Was Asked Again and Her Answer Was the Same

And This Had Everyone Shocked and Laughing At the Same Time

Some Believed that Dragging his Daughter Into this Wasn’t the Right Thing to Do

Well, hope this serves Abid Sher Ali as a lesson to be nice to females, especially how there’s something of her daughter feels as well.

The party official still hasn’t issued an apology for the cheap remarks he made on Shireen Mazari.

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