Here’s How Pakistanis Can Enjoy Up to 70% off on Dresses without Embarrassing Themselves

The following is a scene from the past week when all hell broke loose during a 70% sale

People gatecrashing, one after another!


Now, the problem with the above carnage is:

Accidents. Stampedes. Injuries. Property damage. Traffic jams. And what on earth not?

We get that it’s a once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity when your favorite dresses are available on a staggering sale. Everyone goes crazy and WHY NOT? Problem is that it can be risky on a lot of levels. First, you can cause accidents; what if you bump into a store property and actually break it? Not to forget, you will need to go to a hospital and do something about your broken nose. Also, don’t forget that while you’re running like CRAZY, you might actually step on someone’s heels and you don’t want to imagine what happens next…

Don’t you think these much sought-after 70% sales should be online so that you and everybody can shop easily and conveniently?

Well, gone are the days when you stood in long lanes, gatecrashed and embarrassed yourself after mega sales. You can still dazzle around wearing beautiful dresses, enjoy peace of mind and not cause a carnage. This is where The Great Friday sale backs you up. Bonanza Satrangi is having an on-going sale both online and offline which you need to check out.

Enjoy up to 70% off online (on selected items) at Bonanza Satrangi from 20th – 26th November – that’s like wow!


via Bonanza Satrangi

*Free shipping*

via Bonanza Satrangi

Don’t fancy online sale? Don’t worry!

via Imgrum

Since Bonanza Satrangi outlets are located almost everywhere, you can show up at any time and enjoy up to 35% off on selected items. You can peacefully walk into the stores without running into a carnage and return home in one piece having bought your favorite dresses. Win-win, right?

See guys, it really pays off to be smart. Make the right choices and live a better and peaceful life.

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