Pakistanis Are Giving Hate To This Beautiful Bride Enjoying Her Own Wedding

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As the saying goes, happy brides are the prettiest brides, and while this saying resonates with people all around the world. Pakistanis, on the other hand, have some serious issues with a bride being ‘happy’ on her wedding day!

It all started when a video of a bride and groom, enjoying dance performances on their Mehendi went viral on social media.

Now you may be thinking what’s so special about this? Aren’t people supposed to enjoy their wedding festivities?

The thing which made this video stand out was the bride, she was seen swaying along to the music as she watched her family member’s dance performances.

Image: Tiktok

The bride is visibly happy and enjoying some of the most important moments of her life being carefree with full gusto. While it is truly heartening to see such happy moments captures especially in these uncertain times, there are some who have raised some ‘serious’ questions!

‘Why is the bride so happy?’

The Haw Haye brigade rushed towards the comments section like a moth to a flame and flooded it with unwanted comments.

Instead of complementing the bride’s beauty and saying Mashallah to her happiness, The ghairat brigade started criticizing the poor soul for her ‘baghairti’.

Nah jiyo aur nah jeene doh!

This is a classic example of people who aren’t happy in their own lives, start picking on those who find happiness in small things.

While the bride is surely enjoying her big day with a smile on her face and spring in her steps, the “Haw Haye” awam, is swarming around like flies that keep buzzing in our ears annoyingly through a K.E power cut.

Nevertheless, we wish the beautiful couple all the best in life. May they celebrate all their social moments with great abundance.

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