These Pakistanis Are Sharing Hilarious Stories about Growing up In Pakistan and It’s Way Too Real

Growing up in Pakistan is a different experience. You can relate to a substantial number of things that revolved around your life. No, we are certainly not talking about the time when you pooped your pants or when your Mama passed a priceless smile or when you took awkward family photos.

We are talking about the time when that “flying chappal” was the hallmark of fear for you. Iconic phrases your desi parents uttered every now and then – how can we forget that? Certainly, you are not the only one because many Pakistanis can relate and have actually talked about it on social. Let us uncover some of the hilarious things that happened to people. Plus, there’s an exciting challenge that you need to take on, so hold your horses and gear up.

Scene On Hai Guys, Let Us Reflect On Every Story about Growing Up in Pakistan as a Millennial…

1. The best plan is to drop out in the last semester, right?

2. She forgot “Mechanical Engineer”

3. Only the youngest can relate to the fact that this happens once in a blue moon

4. 🙁

5. That’s true but how can we forget “ulti chappal” and the horror following it if our parents saw it

6. Abid ke bachay tujhe tou mein!

7. “No, no, I don’t know who you are. I have never met you neither I want to know who you are.”

8. Lunch break. Namaz break. Washroom break. Just break. Social media break.

9. Gone are the days when it was about 98 marks out of 100 was a matter of shame; now it’s all about 3.5 GPA!

10. This situation can be very unpredictable. Just make sure you dodge her flying chappal next.

On a very interesting note, this groovy jingle by Ali Gul Pir reminded people of their woes in life:

Scene On | Rap Anthem

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Posted by Scene On on Saturday, October 21, 2017

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via Scene On

Your participation will show actually how hooked you are to this song. Here’s how to participate:

1. Play the “Scene On” Rap song in the background.
2. Record yourself rapping along the song or dancing on the song or doing both. You can even show your acting skills on the song. The more creative the entry the better chances of you winning! And it’s okay, we won’t judge you even if you are terrible at it.
3. Share your video and nominate your friends using the hashtag – #ApnaSceneOnKaro
But remember: the last date to send your entries is 8th Dec at 11:59 PM.

Scene On Karo, guys! My best wishes are with you (pun intended).

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