Pakistanis Are Not Exactly Thrilled With The ‘Food Delivery Drones’ Launching In Islamabad

food delivery drone islamabad

Looks like we will soon be seeing drones buzzing around carrying food from neighborhood to neighborhood to deliver it to customers. While it may seem unreal, DC Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat is keen to introduce this concept to the capital city.

The concept may not be new to the world, however, it is certainly new to Pakistan. Using drones for food delivery in Pakistan is about to become a reality.

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At the very least, if Shafqaat is to be believed, Islamabad’s residents could experience such a sight much sooner than they might expect. Taking to Twitter, Shafqaat made an exciting announcement. “Using drones to deliver food in Islamabad. Coming soon,” he wrote.

While it is a bit frustrating that there are no details provided, the fact remains that it is a tantalizing possibility that people will engage with and think of ways in which it can be implemented.

We obviously have a lot of questions regarding the feasibility of implementing drone technology for food delivery. Will they replace the current food delivery riders entirely, or will we see a hybrid concept? Could they handle all weather conditions and geographical conditions?

The idea may sound futuristic, but giants like Alphabet, Amazon, and Uber have been working on food delivery drones for quite some time now. It only makes sense that more players will enter the market and capitalize on it with automation.

Pakistanis aren’t exactly thrilled with the idea

A bird attacks a drone delivering food in another country

Isn’t it fantastic to get delicious food delivered to your door? You are just one click away from placing your order and getting your favorite meal delivered to your home. Having food delivered by flying drones sounds even more amusing to many of us. However, air delivery can get a bit tricky if there are birds nearby.

Image: Screengrab

The internet is currently buzzing over a video showing a raven fighting a delivery drone from Canberra, the capital city of Australia. In the video, a raven, a slightly bigger bird than a crow, attacks a drone hovering in the sky.

The bird wrestled with the drone for some time while preaching on its back. Then it started pecking at it furiously. This is when the drone drops the parcel from a higher altitude than usual. The bird flies away after a while. The video was taken by Ben Roberts and uploaded to YouTube.

Check it out!

The raven attacked the drone as he waited for his order via air delivery.

Well, this raises many more questions about the drone-powered food delivery service starting in Pakistan.

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