People Are Mocking Imran Khan’s Newly Wed For Covering her Face And It Is Not Right

The news of Imran Khan marrying Bushra Bibi broke the internet yesterday. Everybody was talking about Khan’s third marriage. The PTI chairman never denied the rumors when they once broke about him showing his interest in Bushra Bibi. He demanded the locals to give him privacy and asked them to make wish him luck for a successful marriage.

However, while many were wishing Khan and his newlywed bride best wishes, there were many who mocked Khan for tying the knot for the third time.



Khan’s Decision of Marrying for the 3rd Time was Regarded as a Sin


The Way Bushra Bibi Chose to Represent Herself Was Mocked

People were mocking Imran Khan and hinted that they may have “downgraded” in terms of his choices of marriage. From Jemima to Reham and now Bushra Bibi, who chose to cover her face during the nikkah pictures, people regarded her more as an insult towards the choice Khan made.

Nicely Said!

Yes Please!

Instead of wishing someone well for their new phase, Pakistani debate on whether she was an “upgrade” or a “downgrade”.

It was Bushra Bibi’s decision to hide her face in the pictures, which were being taken actively. It was her decision and the family, as well as her newlywed husband, Imran Khan, fully appreciated it.

Please try not to mock someone based on their appearance or based on how they wish to practice their freedom and religion.

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