Pakistanis Are Loving Bilawal Bhutto For his Badass Answers to the India Media

When it comes to putting India in their place, we have seen many Pakistanis not doing it in a manner it essentially requires. Because of the tensions between two arch rivals, many Pakistani politicians have kept their cool in the matters regarding India. However, in the recent times, the things have changed.

Pakistani leading politicians have started giving befitting responses to India, just to remind them the power they hold now.

Remember When Maleeha Lodhi Stood Up For Pakistan and Reminded India Who the Real Terrorists Are?

Prime Minister Khaqan Abbasi Played his Part and Called India the Hub of Terrorism as a Way to Address Indian Minister’s Terroristan Accusation

With matters changing, Pakistani politicians continue reminding India of their place.

This is Also What PPP’s Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Did in his First Interview with the Indian Media

In an interview conducted by Rahul Kanwal, editor of TVTN, the confidence Bilawal Bhutto displayed just showed the type of representatives we actually need – who are not afraid to reveal the truth and are definitely not afraid of the Indian mighty. He was interviewed during the World Economic Forum – #WEF18.

While the host exaggerated a number of things, such as the number of tweets Donald Trump made against Pakistan to talking about populace politics played by Indian prime minister Modhi and Trump, Bilawal was composed and was prepared for every twisted, nosy question that was coming his way.

Here’s The Link to the Video

PS. The caption makes it sound just about right!

The Interview Indeed Turned A Lot of Heads

Many Saw a Glimpse of Benazir Bhutto the Way Bilawal Stood Up and Spoke

The Davos Trip was Indeed a Success for Bilawal Bhutto

Probably the best thing many believe Bilawal Bhutto has done since he stepped into the politics.

Indeed a privilege to see how the young representative handled the things in such a mature manner!

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