Here’s How Abida Parveen Saved Coke Studio From Becoming An Absolute Disaster

One of the biggest legends that our country has seen or will ever see is the great Abida Parveen. Calling her the queen of Sufi music won’t be wrong.  Her magical voice takes you out of this world in a constant state of ecstasy. Abida Parveen has been featured in Coke Studio several times but this time she has played a vital role in saving Coke Studio. As Coke Studio’s level is being doubted this season, Abida Parveen is always there to save the day.

Abida Parveen has been featured twice this season once with Ali Sethi and once alone. Here is what people have to say about her songs.

1. Something out of this world.

Yes, that’s true.

2. It was something you can listen on repeat.

Not many songs this season had the repeat factor, it was one of them. You get hooked to it and you can’t stop listening to it.

3. It can also serve as an anti-depressant.

Had a long tiring day? Don’t feel good? Abida Parveen’s voice can soothe your soul.

4. Yup.

It can’t get truer than this. But well at least she is there and we get to hear something good.

5. She is saving Coke Studio.

She is with her greatness.

6. A life saver.

Many would agree.

7. Like always.

She is saving Coke Studio like always.

8. Twice she did that.

9. Abida Parveen is the Misbah of Coke Studio.

She saves the day like Misbah.

10. How beautiful is that!

This is why she is so much more than just a legend.

11. We do.

Imagine if our whole team was as consistent as her?

So this is why Abida Parveen is the savior of Coke Studio season 9. In a world full of Mehwish Hayats, be an Abida Parveen.

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