Pakistanis Are Bashing Shama Junejo for Controversially Tweeting a PIA Air Hostess’ Candid Image

Another day, another time a famous personality sparks a massive controversy leading to a rampage of reaction by people. It has almost become a trend for celebrities and renowned figures to stimulate controversy for their words and opinions on social media. The latest to follow the trend is none other than Shama Junejo, a renowned media figure.

Shama Junejo uploaded a picture on Twitter featuring a PIA Air Hostess, following a highly controversial caption. Considering Shama Junejo’s image and reputation, such a stunt seems highly ridiculous from her side. She openly criticized the facial expression of the air hostess some unknown person captured an image of. Keeping in mind, it’s a public offense to capture images of people without their consent and the least she could do is not share it. However, Shama seemingly got carried away by objecting someone’s candid expression that she did not realize what she was doing herself.

Here’s the tweet by Shama Junejo that has sparked a massive controversy!

According to her, she came across a candid photo of an air hostess and having a dispute over how her facial expression, she decided to share it with the public on social media in anticipation that people would know, perhaps even lambaste PIA for not making sure an air hostess keeps her facial expression on point, all the time.

As usual, Pakistani people on Twitter found Shama Junejo’s tweet highly controversial and held back no sort of bashing



She tried to clear the dirt – explained it wasn’t her who took the picture

She is constantly trying to stay alive in the whole epidemic of controversy

She is being highly critical of a random person’s expression. It’s understandable that the rules of hospitality call for the plane crew to portray politeness and amiable demeanor to passengers at all times but just criticizing a random expression is not ethical.

What do you guys think about the view of Shama Junejo?

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