Pakistani’s And Indians Come Together In An Adorable Taste Test!

In an overwhelmingly adorable video, Buzzfeed brought together Pakistanis and Indians and made them try each other’s food and comment on the taste. The video uploaded last night has thus become a viral sensation across the two countries with hundreds of thousands of users sharing it.

From India’s Hyderabadi Biryani made with many blends to the Pakistani rice-delight, Sindhi Biryani made of spices, meat, and potatoes; from meaty ‘Samosas’ of Pakistan to the Indian ones made of peas and potatoes; all such food came to the table.

They didn’t even forget to mention the sweet and juicy, the classic desi snack: the Jalaibis making the video even sweeter. Beginning with ‘Maaza Mango Juice’ because the fruit is out of season, the video moved onto delicious foods the subcontinent is famous for and ended up with Chai and Jalaibis. What more could one want?

As many Pakistanis and Indians eat similar food in their lives, the effects were pretty much evident in this Buzzfeed video. It was seen that several times they failed to successfully tell if a food belongs to their home country or not – something that made this video even more beautiful.

Watch the Buzzfeed video here:

Pakistanis and Indians in the video discussed everything from Kerries (Raw Mangoes) to Cake Rusks, to the blue-eyed Chai Wala and ended up making it a viral sensation.

After watching all those delicious treats one could not help but feel the urge to have a share. And it was proven by comments under the video. Such as this one:


Again, what stood out among all was the Chai: the one thing that brings people together. In these times of tensions between the two countries, where a war has become very probable, when there are increasing calls to solve the Kashmir issue, where there are egos not allowing talks: the possibility that a cup of Chai changing the game may just have gone up. Hopefully, one day the governments of both countries can sit together with a cup of Chai, put the hate aside, discuss and resolve the issues for an everlasting peace and better welfare of the people. This too was echoed by many commentators on the video, including yours truly:


And even those outside of the two countries were overwhelmed and shared similar emotions:

Sindhi Biryani or Hyderabadi Biryani, Maaza Mango or a fresh Mango, whatever you may prefer; you cannot deny the fact that the above Buzzfeed video is as sweet as an Indo-Pak ‘Jalaibi’…

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