Pakistanis Are FINALLY Speaking Against the Insulting Comments Made By Abid Ali Sher and Rana Sanaullah

The politics in Pakistan gets dirty, especially when the elections are around the corner. Pakistanis will be voting on their upcoming leaders in midyear and the political parties are getting ready the win the battle. However, the campaigns in Pakistani elections are more vile and lesser mind games.

The political parties have a habit of making personal attacks to each other. Be it bringing Imran Khan’s marriages in the opposition jalsas to attacking the way Bilawal Bhutto speaks, the political game becomes more of a personal battle.

The recent comments made by PMLN’s Rana Sanaullah and Abid Sher Ali regarding the opposition parties prove how political leaders can go below the belt in hunger of power.

In a Recent Public Address, Abid Ali Sher Made Extremely Disrespectful and Vile Comments Regarding Shireen Mazari

The fellow parliamentarians had an argument and Abid Ali Sher took it to his jalsa to made nasty comments regarding Mazari. He verbally attacked Mazari while making jokes regarding her physical appearance and said disgusting words such as, “Daanda du?” which is more of a sexual innuendo in desi language.

Here’s what Abid Ali Sher said:

Shireen Mazari Reacted to the Video in the Following Manner:

This isn’t the first time Shireen Mazari has been subjected towards misogynist statements by Pakistani male politicians – she has been called derogatory words such as “tractor trolley” in the parliament, but the politician chooses to fight such vile men with great bravery.

On the Other Hand, Rana Sanaullah, Another PMLN Politician Made Disrespectful Comments Regarding the Women Who Attended the PTI Jalsa in Lahore

The PTI jalsa in Minar-e-Pakistan had a massive turnout, including a number of female supporters as well. While the jalsa is indeed a challenging incident for the opposition, Rana Sanaullah resorted to making personal attacks on the female attendees of the jalsa.

Here’s what Rana Sanaullah said:

Not only is this character shaming of women who wished to attend the jalsa, but also highlights the sort of mentality he poses.

Collectively, The Nation Wants the Parliament to Take Actions Against Rana Sanaullah and Abid Ali Sher

Journalists Are Coming Forward

Imran Khan Was Very Vocal About the Matter As Well

Given How Maryam Nawaz Is Now the Face of the Party

A Much Needed Reminder!


And People Are Demanding an Apology As Well

While there is no doubt how dirty the politics in Pakistan can get, these disrespectful comments made by the politicians in power just shows how the interpret women of the country. Indeed, Rana Sanaullah and Abid Ali Sher need to publically apologize, but more importantly, Pakistanis need to think before making a decision this time.

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