Pakistanis Seen Acting Like Maniacs At the New Islamabad Airport and It Is Absurd

The groundbreaking unveiling of the new Islamabad Airport took place a few days and Pakistanis were shocked at the level of architectural beauty of the airport.

The Name of the Airport Was Also Changed to New Islamabad International Airport

Previously, it was called Benazir Bhutto International Airport.

It Indeed Looks Like a Hub of State of the Art Facilities!

The airport has definitely increased the beauty of Islamabad!

And the beautiful interior, of course

It Does Look Extremely Beautiful!

While the government and everybody associated with the airport has done immense hard work to pull this state of the art airport, the locals seem to be extremely disrespectful towards the efforts the authorities have made.

In a video that was released on the social media, Pakistanis were seen acting like maniacs at the new international airport in Islamabad. They were pushing one another – breaking the line to get their luggage first.

They were interrupting the security checking of the luggage and also tampered the machinery used to check the luggage.

Here’s The Video of What Was Seen Happening the New Islamabad Airport

And Pakistanis on the social media weren’t happy to see what was happening:

It is shameful nonetheless.

While the locals are playing their role in ruining the beautiful newly inaugurated airport, it seems surprising that no security measures were taken to stop these goons from what nonsense they were pulling.

The security guards should be on their toes, given how these incidents will happen as the locals just cannot respect the advancements.

It is heartbreaking to see how even these locals do not deserve something as beautiful as this new airport.

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